Have you ever . . .

  • needed a safe, supportive place where you can talk about emotional challenges and the stresses of daily living?
  • felt that anxiety, depression, and personal problems were affecting your relationships, family life, work performance, school success, or self-esteem?
  • found yourself stuck in repetitive patterns of conflict, disappointment, victimization, or self-defeating behavior?
  • been troubled by old, unresolved issues intruding into your current life?
  • been afraid to be yourself, or unsure of who that really is?
  • experienced past physical, emotional, or sexual abuse that is still affecting you today?

If any of these issues are troubling you, counseling can help.  It is important to find an understanding therapist who will work to empower and support you as you work toward improving your happiness and life satisfaction.

The licensed therapists at Counseling Associates of Overland Park, LLC, provide a range of approaches from brief therapy to deep, longer-term, intensive psychoanalytic treatment to assist individuals, couples, and families in addressing the stresses and developmental issues that arise from everyday life.  Our goal is to help you become more aware of your choices and options in the midst of your current life circumstances to facilitate real change and personal growth.  We help you transform new insights and awareness into positive action for a more effective and fulfilling life.