Robert Feuer, MA, LCP

Robert A. Feuer, MA, LCP, (Bob) is a Psychoanalyst and Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist in Kansas with over 37 years of clinical experience helping people change and grow to improve their lives and relationships.  He is past-President of the Greater Kansas City-Topeka Psychoanalytic Center where he also serves on the Psychoanalytic Institute teaching faculty.  His basic philosophies of treatment include the following:   All of us are products of our genetics and environment, and we cause neither.  Our task is to make the best of the life we were given.  If our natural, default, automatic-pilot ways of being in the world are working for us, that’s great.  However, if we struggle with problems that we are not naturally well-equipped to deal with, counseling and therapy can help. 

I strive to create a warm, supportive, safe therapeutic environment so that my clients and I can become sensitive observers who evaluate new ways of conceptualizing and coping with difficult issues and situations.  I promote a thoughtful and nonjudgmental approach as we examine difficulties together, whether I’m working with individuals, couples or families.  I work primarily with mood, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues with both adolescents and adults.   My therapy focus combines insight with action so that my clients consider new behavioral approaches that complement new healthier ways of thinking.  My therapeutic orientation is therefore a good mix of cognitive-behavioral, family systems, and psychodynamic therapy perspectives enacted through a down-to-earth conversational approach.   Basically, we sit and talk, reflecting on current problems and issues and how they often make sense as the unintended side-effects of trying to meet less obvious (sometimes unconscious) goals or agendas.  When we become more conscious and aware of our automatic-pilot ways of being (and more aware of their function and purpose),  we become freer to make conscious choices that help us more effectively pursue what we really want in life.

Bob Feuer, MA, LCP, is co-founder and co-owner of Counseling Associates of Overland Park, LLC, a private psychotherapy practice in Overland Park, Kansas.  He received his Bachelor of Sciences degree in Psychology from Brown University in 1983, and received his Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Kansas in 1986. He became a Graduate Analyst in 2020 after completing four additional years of post-graduate coursework and eight years of specialized supervision through the Greater Kansas City Psychoanalytic Institute.  He has broad clinical experience and training in treating a vast range of psychological issues that may trouble adolescents and adults.   He served as a therapist at a community mental health center before working for over 10 years as a Staff Psychologist at Osawatomie State Hospital in Kansas where he treated adolescents and adults with severe emotional problems.  He also worked as Clinical Coordinator of the Shawnee Mission Medical Center Adolescent Psychiatric Unit for 3 years before entering into full time private practice where he provides individual, couples, and family therapy for both adolescents and adults.

Bob Feuer served on the national board of the Masters in Psychology Accreditation Council for 6 years, reviewing and accrediting master’s-level psychology graduate programs in the United States.  He has been an Assistant Instructor teaching introductory psychology at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.   Additionally, he was appointed by the Secretary of the Kansas Department of Corrections to serve on a specialty board in Topeka that evaluated incarcerated sexual felons for dangerousness.  Bob Feuer is a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the Greater Kansas City Psychological Association, and the LGBT-Affirmative Therapists Guild of Greater Kansas City.  He is effective working with a broad range of psychological problems from depression, bipolar, anxiety, adjustment issues, and relationship/marital problems to more severe trauma and emotional struggles.

I invite you to call and schedule a consultation/initial therapy session to see if we are a good fit to begin our work together.   All therapists utilize an approach that reflects our personalities as well as our wisdom and training.  It is important to choose a therapist with the right combination of expertise and personal chemistry to help you make the most of this highly personal and enriching endeavor