Fees and Insurance Information*


Initial Intake (45 minutes): $185.00

Individual Psychotherapy session (45 minutes): $160.00

Couples and Family Therapy session (45 minutes): $160.00

Telephone contact: calls longer than 5 minutes with existing clients are pro-rated from the hourly therapy rate (and cannot be billed to insurance).

Insurance Information

Dr. Tyndall is a contracted Medicare provider.  You are responsible for paying all Medicare deductibles and copays.  Otherwise, we are out-of-network for all insurance companies.  You are fully responsible for paying our session fee at the time of service.  As a courtesy to you, if you have applicable out-of-network insurance benefits that you wish to use, we can automatically file electronic claims for you once per month.  Your insurance company will be directed to reimburse you directly for any benefits that you may have.  Please contact your insurance company directly (using the customer service number printed on your insurance card) for a specific explanation of your out-of-network coverage noting that couples, marital, and family therapy may or may not be a covered service.